Hiring Conversations Between Nurses &

Clinical Managers

We source your nurses, screen the sign ups, & set up the tech for your virtual hiring event.

The Show Ups & Support

You Need To Have A Successful Event

Reach a candidate pool 10X larger than job boards through our done for you sourcing.

Remove uncertainty &

frustration by letting us handle the tech, support,

& screening.

Why you need this.

A virtual hiring event is a unique opportunity to attract passive candidates & make multiple hires in a short time-frame. It’s personal, engaging, & an excellent opportunity to get candidates in front of hiring managers. Struggling to get nurses interested in your job ads? Launch a virtual career event to reach new audiences and candidate pools.

Why we're the right fit.

Recruiting nurses is hard enough without tech frustrations, uncertainty, or no guaranteed results. You don't have the time to co-ordinate zoom rooms, write advertisements, or chase up no shows.

Applichat's sourcing platform can reach 70% of local nurses outside of job boards. Your event will be broadcast to an entirely-new candidate pool, and results are guaranteed.





Reach 70% of your target candidate market through our non-job board advertising platform. Tell us who you want on an onboarding call, we'll find & book them into a calendar.

Have more qualified conversations with suitable & interested candidates. Every attendee must answer 5-10 questions before signing up. We'll also call them to ensure they're a good match,

Save time & avoid stress by letting us handle your tech. We'll create your interview rooms, distribute the links, engage with your team, & ensure candidates speak to the right person.

Focus on recruiting & maximize ROI by having our team reach out to no shows on the day. We'll also be at hand to resolve any technical issues, or re-scheduling requests by candidates.

Other TA Leader's Experiences

October 2020

August 2021

Humber River Hospital, 750-Beds


Medicine, Nephrology,

NRT Nurses | Toronto

25 RN Hires From 2 Events

65% Show Up Rate

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