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Results for RN recruitment
Results for RN recruitment

Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care

RNs & LPNs | 11 States

104 Home Care RN/LPN Hires

"We are really happy with the service and

the nurse leads that we receive from Applichat,

it’s been great.

We’re an Applichat fan!"

Results for RN recruitment

Jim Burns

VP Talent Acquisition

Thrive SPC

Results for RN recruitment
Results for RN recruitment

McLaren Health Care | RNs | Detroit, MI

51 RN Hires

We helped McLaren Health Care hire nurses across their units, including recent graduates. Located in a tough market - metro Detroit - McLaren Macomb and Oakland hospitals' message resonated with a new and fresh audience who they had not advertised to before.

Results for RN recruitment
Results for RN recruitment

CHRISTUS Health | RNs | Texas

28 RN Hires

"Applichat is on point – as a staffing partner they consistently exceed our expectations. Their focus is nursing – which has made them the ‘master of the trade’. They are extremely knowledgeable in healthcare and have adapted to our specific needs. They anticipate our needs and that is brilliant!"

Results for RN recruitment

Jennifer Harris

Director of Talent Acquisition
CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System

Springfield Clinic | RNs & LPNs | Illinois

22 RN/LPN Hires

"Applichat has been outstanding to work with. Many agencies overpromise and under-deliver... but the results have been amazing. Many of the applicants are brand new leads who we have not communicated with in the past. The recruiters and account managers have done a great job sending timely feedback and facilitating a smooth process and candidate experience."

Jacob Schien

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Springfield Clinic

Overlake Medical Center & Clinics

RNs | Bellevue, WA

31 RN Hires

"We are finding Applichat to be very responsive to our needs and open to feedback that helps fine-tune the partnership. They have been able to find candidates who had not responded to our ads or outreach."

Kim Giglio

Manager of Recruitment

Overlake Medical Center & Clinics

Neogen Care | RNs | California

314 Home Care RN Applicants

“Applichat is different because they are more flashy ads. We signed up with Applichat… because we wanted to try something different.” The best thing about Applichat is their “sourcing of candidates, getting more people to actually be interested in our openings… because they can cover other platforms or other job boards that we don’t really utilize.”

Ira Parlade

Talent Acquisition Manager

Neogen Care

3 RN Hires for Nurse Delegator Service

"It was an easy experience. Great communication. We had the phone numbers, the resumes, and the hires were great candidates."

- Jane Steinbach, Clinical Director, Empowering People, Inc.

Nurse Delegator Service | RNs | Spokane, WA

PeaceHealth | RNs

Alaska, Oregon, Washington

RN Sourcing & Screening

Applichat has "been really good about feedback and open communication... they’ve done a really good job tracking and reporting what they’re doing; sharing with us some of our challenges that we already kind of knew but reinforced it, and really kept us up to date on what activities are going on in the communities that we are recruiting and sourcing for.”

Matt Craven

Talent Acquisition Sourcing Manager



Applichat's Nurse Sourcing +

Brazen's Virtual Hiring Event Platform

Together We Help Healthcare Orgs Hire Nurses

"The Applichat team is an absolute pleasure to work with! They consistently provide qualified RN candidates and ensure they're a fit for our available locations and roles.

Not only have they been thorough and concise in helping us source candidates, but their team has been flexible and accommodating throughout the entire process. The communication between Applichat, my team and the candidates is seamless every time."

Hannah Presley

Senior Event Marketing Coordinator


Hospital | RNs | New Mexico

32 RN Offers from 3 Events

This New Mexico hospital paired Applichat’s nurse sourcing and screening service with Brazen’s virtual hiring events platform. 69 RNs interviewed and 32 offers made, so far.

Partnership with Brazen

Hospital | RNs | Boston, MA

3 Events, 81 RN Interviews

Applichat sourced, screened and booked nurses for this Boston hospital to interview using Brazen’s virtual hiring events platform. Many RN hires are expected!

Partnership with Brazen

26 Qualified RNs Submitted in 4 Months

Seeking more RNs, this speciality hospital in New York City turned to Applichat for help. Applichat sourced, screened, and submitted 26 qualified RNs, based on the hospital's requirements, in 4 months.

Speciality Hospital | RNs | New York, NY

7 RN & LVN Home Health Hires

This Los Angeles home health care agency was turning away business due to a lack of nurses. They have hired 7 qualified nurses sourced by Applichat to help fill this demand.

Home Health Care Agency

RNs & LVNs | Los Angeles, CA

ColumbiaDoctors | RNs | New York, NY

4 RN Hires - Every Vacancy Filled

"With the use of Applichat's non-job board advertising platform, ColumbiaDoctors' employer brand reached candidates where they are: on their mobile phones and on the go. With such a strong employer brand, advertising their openings was enjoyable and produced the desired result. We are honored to work with them in providing quality nurses a candidate-centric application experience."

Rosalie Long

Chief Operating Officer


Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Atrium Centers | LPNs & RNs | OH, MI, WI, KY

15 RN/LPN Hires In 3 Months

This multi-state campaign hit its targets just 90 days into operation. Sourcing for 29 facilities, we recruited LPNs and RNs in difficult, rural markets. Many say recruiting for senior care facilities is hard. While that's true, we discovered & communicated Atrium Centers' value proposition effectively to achieve success.

Vidant Health | RNs | North Carolina

14 Hires In 6 Months

"Applichat is a 9 out of 10. We have tried so many programs before and got ZERO results. I'm just so happy with the quantity of candidates you're sending us."

Chrissy Russell

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Vidant Health

155 RN Applications In 90 Days

This client is a Floridian health system. 155 nurses

applied to re-locate to the state &

work with their health system.

Health System | RNs | Florida

Nexus | ICU & Rehab Nurses | Texas

4 Hires In 60 Days

"Applichat is a great recruiting company to work with! The cost per hire for each nurse is lower than what we are paying through other recruiting agencies. They are professional and very responsive. Looking forward to a continued partnership."

Jared Brown

Human Resources Director

Nexus Health Systems

Wesley Enhanced Living

Nurses & CNAs | Philadelphia, PA

2 Hires In 30 Days

"[We got] 88 leads for Nursing professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. The Applichat team were flexible and provided great advice and guidance to ensure we would see a good return on our investment. Very happy with the results."

Cara Kuhn

Director Of Talent Acquisition

Wesley Enhanced Living

Top-5 Homecare Agency

RNs | North Carolina

2 Homecare RN Hires In 30 Days

This client is one of America's 5 largest homecare agencies. In 30 days we achieved 2 hires in one of their most competitive North Carolina markets. 32 total applications were achieved in 30 days.

The Wealshire | RNs & CNAs | Minnesota

99 Candidates In 75 Days

"We are seeing an increase in overall applicant flow, not just directly from Applichat but through other channels."

Mike Lipetzky

Human Resources Director

The Wealshire At Bloomington

Personify Search

RNs | North Carolina

331 RN Applications In 90 Days

Personify Search are one of the fastest growing RPOs in the world.

Together, we ran a nurse recruitment campaign which focused

on 8 eastern seaboard states. Nurses were offered an outstanding

relocation opportunity and sign on bonus. 156 applied through

our system from 7 January to 7 February 2021 alone.

Pediatric Healthcare Connection

Homecare Nurses | Texas

25 Applications In 30 Days,

(100% Of Candidates Were New Introductions)

"I am used to the overlap of candidates from traditional job boards and resume databases. Applichat has been a fresh source for candidates, all [...] new to me. It is nice to have finally found that new 'fishing spot'."

Greyson Floss

Talent Acquisition Manager

Pediatric Healthcare Connection


Grand River Hospital

RNs & Allied Health | Waterloo Region, Ontario

32 RN Hires & 27 Allied Health Interviews

We delivered three 4-hour Virtual Hiring Events for Grand River Hospital, with two targetting RNs and one for Allied Health. Our sourcing for the nursing events resulted in 32 RN hires, and the most recent Allied Health event saw 27 applicants interviewed.

St. Mary's General Hospital

RNs & RPNs | Kitchener, Ontario

16 RN & RPN Hires

"Our experience with Applichat was extremely successful! During a time when recruiting within the healthcare sector has become challenging and in need of varied and unique approaches, the collaborative event put on by Applichat was exactly what was needed! They were timely in their communication, knowledgeable, understanding and open to feedback and alternative ways of conducting our particular event. Definitely an organization we hope to utilize in the future!"

Shoba Gohil

HR Consultant

St. Mary's General Hospital

Woodstock Hospital

RNs & RPNs | Woodstock, Ontario

46 RN & RPN Interviews

“The representatives at Applichat were professional and responsive to our particular hospital needs for recruitment of some hard to fill nursing roles. From the initial meeting to the follow up debrief, Woodstock Hospital was very pleased with the outcome of our virtual hiring event. We felt that Applichat was with us every step of the way.”

Jennifer Ziegler

Director of HR

Woodstock Hospital

34 RN & RPN Interviews

This southeastern Ontario hospital interviewed 34 RNs and RPNs during two 4-hour virtual hiring events. Additional applicants were lined up for interviews after the events, and offers were being made.

Hospital | RNs & RPNs | Southeastern Ontario

Brant Community Healthcare System

RNs | Brantford, Ontario

8 RN Hires

"Working with the Applichat team was a great way to find a new avenue to reach candidates that we would otherwise not been able to tap into.

Healthcare recruitment is incredibly challenging right now, and it was great to work with this knowledgeable team".

Lisa Keefe

HR Manager

Brant Community Healthcare System

St Joseph's Health Centre Guelph

RNs & RPNs | Guelph

6 RN & RPN Hires

St Joseph's programs and services support people of all ages who need rehabilitation, complex medical, or long-term care. We ran a successful virtual hiring event to help the facility make 6 hard-to-fill hires.

Humber River Hospital

RNs | Toronto

25 RN Hires

"I wouldn't want to have done this size of event without the support of your team....The full 4 hours there was solid communication...it's far too much to try to manage on your own...you definitely have that personal touch that would be lacking if we did it ourselves".

Christine Vallance

Recruiting Manager

Humber River Hospital

13 RN & RPN Interviews

This long-term care home in southwestern Ontario was able to interview 13 RNs and RPNs during one 4-hour virtual hiring event. Offers were made and hires are pending.

Long-term Care Home

RNs & RPNs | Southwestern Ontario

North York General Hospital

RNs | Toronto

15 Hires In 90 Days

"We really appreciated partnering with Applichat earlier this year. Such great results…We hired a total of 15 nurses in 3 months! The majority of these nurses were hired for our vaccination centre, which came at just the right time, since we were in the midst of the third wave here in Ontario".

Yvonne Tellis

Manager, Talent Acquisition

& HR Systems

North York General Hospital

Markham Stouffville Hospital

RNs & RPNs | Toronto

ER Hire For 50% Of The Price

Of Traditional Staffing Agencies

Recruiting during Toronto's worst Covid wave was never going to be easy. Markham Stouffville hospital were in need of ICU & ER nurses, quickly. We managed to help them source, screen, and hire a talented ER nurse. This area was in dire need of support. What's more, Markham Stoufville achieved a cost per hire 50% cheaper than traditional staffing agencies.

Baptist Housing

RNs, LPNs, RCAs | Vancouver

"Hires In A Very Competitive Market"

"We have been working with the Applichat team for about six months. We have appreciated their professionalism and strong customer service orientation. Their portal is easy to use and they are always available and willing to help answer our questions or optimize our campaign. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to meet with candidates we would not have through our normal channels and were able to make hires in a very competitive market".

Audrey Wilkinson

HR Director

Baptist Housing

Humber River Hospital

ICU Nurses | Toronto

3 ICU Hires In 60 Days

"I have worked with Applichat to recruit for difficult to fill positions and their unique approach has netted results. What I particularly like about the organization is their ability to adapt in real time as we grow and learn from each experience. Applichat is cognizant of how time poor recruiters are and refines the process to make things as simple as possible for the end user".

Kimberly Bain

Recruiting Specialist

Humber River Hospital


Sagesa Healthcare l

Registered Nurses l European Union

225 EU Nurses Apply To

Move To Ireland

Nursing shortages are not just harmful in the USA or Canada.

Ireland is facing a deficit of 1,000s. Sagesa Healthcare, an EU

based agency, sought to attract talent from the European

Union into the Emerald Isle. They had great success in

generating a candidate flow from untapped markets.

Avanta Care l

CNAs & RNs l European Union

"The Applichat team have been really helpful."

They are really attentive, thorough and always on hand when needed. I highly recommend Applichat!

Rob Wood

Marketing Manager,

Avanta Care

Non-Healthcare Case Studies

CCS Construction Staffing l

Skilled Tradesmen l 48 States

"Since we started using Applichat, we have experienced a tremendous increase in both number and quality of applicants."

It has been a pleasure working with Applichat. He is constantly adapting to our needs and troubleshooting a better way. The hunt for the best applicant is fierce, but with Applichat on our side, I know CCS Construction Staffing will be first to reach the best applicants.

Matt Telmanik


CCS Construction Staffing

CCS Construction Staffing l

Skilled Tradesmen l 48 States

"Would highly recommend Applichat to any company looking for quality candidates."

Ability to quickly get candidates, their info, and filter through them makes Applichat stand apart. The added benefit of candidates applying real time makes them more responsive than from other job boards.

Daniel Hartsell

Recruiting Manager,

CCS Construction Staffing

First Future l

English Teachers l UK, Canada, USA

50% Lower Cost Per Hire

Our recruitment process has improved at all levels as members of our Team are learning from Applichat insights. Aside from the success of our facebook chatbot in nurturing and qualifying applicants, The team's willingness to share insights has been invaluable. Applichat has also proven to be very committed going above and beyond to help us make adjustments with short notice, a key element when working in recruitment as demands can change with little notice.

James Crawford

General Manager

First Future Education

First Future l

English Teachers l UK, Canada, USA

"Applichat has helped our company to accommodate our growing audience. "

We had a systematically organized flow of responses when they came in. Concerns and changes were done immediately. I would say this is an essential for every company to manage their business.

Andrea Ragot


First Future Education

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