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Greyson Floss,

Pediatric Healthcare Connection

"[I got] a fresh source for candidates, all [...] new to me. It is nice to have finally found that new "fishing spot".

Krista Brenner,

Cambridge Memorial Hospital

"Love the sessions that you host. Love your point of, "don't tell them what the job is .... they know". We need to tell them why YOU! "

Dee Lynn,

Independent Healthcare Recruiter

"I enjoyed the seminars very much. [They] made some great points that I will definitely be using. Thank you for sharing".

Danyell Townsend Howell,

Independent Healthcare Recruiter

"I learn so much from your generous info!!!!"

Michael Blakely,


"Super informative team. The experts in nurse hiring and attraction campaigns, keep the coaching coming."

Chrissy Russell,

Vidant Health

"It's a 9 out

of 10."

James Crawford,

First Future

"Our recruitment process has improved at all levels as members of our team are learning from these insights"

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Nurse Q&As

"Out Of The Box" Sourcing Strategies

  • How To Sell External Recruiting Services To Your Boss.

  • How Being An RN Makes Me A Better Recruiter.

  • How To Create A Memorable Employer Brand.

  • Indeed Advertising Tips For Nurse Recruiters: Roundtable.

  • How I Got +22% Applications & -44% Agency Spend In 2 Years

  • How To Impress Nurses On Social Media, Swardiq Manaaj, RN.

  • What I Look For In ICU Jobs, Blaire McElroy, RN.

  • Hiring Specialty Nurses The Right Way, Blaire McElroy, RN.

  • The Rise Of Travel Nursing Explained, Crosby Steen, RN.

  • How Recruiters Can Be More Empathetic, Nicole Preston, RN.

  • Why Nurses Demand Transparency From Recruiters, Meg Harrell, RN.

  • How To Attract More Nurses To Re-Locate, Meg Harrell, RN.
  • How To Conclude Positive Calls To Avoid Ghosting.

  • The "Magic Text" To Get Old Candidates Interested Again.

  • Strategies To Build Better Relationships Over SMS.

  • How To Source New Nurses Through Facebook Groups.

  • Non-Job Board Sourcing Strategies For The 2020s.

  • Using Candidate Feedback To Craft Better Messaging In Recruitment.

  • 50+ Facebook Groups For Sourcing & Recruiting Nurses

  • 169 Nurses' Goals From A New Job

  • 40 Reasons Why Nurses DON'T Want Travel Contracts

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